2019 VW Touareg Price, Specs and Release Date

2019 VW Touareg Price, Specs and Release Date

Volkswagen presented the completely redeveloped Touareg in China – That the flagship of the brand. Equipped with all the connectivity of a new age and a pioneering fusion of assistance, comfort, lighting and infotainment systems, the Volkswagen Touareg points the way into the future. At the same time, the exclusive SUV charges up its economy segment with pure dynamism. The biggest markets for what’s now the next generation of the Touareg are China, Europe and Russia. Worldwide sales of the prior two generations amount to almost one million units. The Volkswagen Touareg – as comfy as it is lively – has, as the most technically advanced Volkswagen of its age, the potential to enthuse technology and design savvy drivers of premium course models of all kinds, reaching new target groups as well.

VW Touareg Exterior and Interior

The finished Touareg looks quite like the T-Prime concept car that VW Revealed back in 2017. It’s a comparable imposing grille with virtually identical slender headlights and plenty of chrome pliers that emphasise its wide body and upright front bumper.

2019 VW Touareg Price, Specs and Release Date

From the other side, the Touareg looks a little as an over-inflated Tiguan. Sure, its bonnet is much taller and it includes massive alloy wheels (18-inches as standard and 21-inches in top-spec cars) but the creases on its doors and kink in the side windows bare an uncanny similarity to VW’s smaller SUV.

Reassuringly, two large trapezoidal exhaust trims in the trunk and Some flashy chrome trim allow it to stand out from more affordable models in the VW range. There is also a thin red reflector in the rear bumper that looks neater than the bulbous tacked-on items that you’ll find on the Audi Q7.

2019 VW Touareg Price, Specs and Release Date

The Touareg’s Cabin is dominated by 2 absolutely enormous displays. One — a 12-inch item — replaces old-fashioned analogue dials behind the steering while the second vast 15-inch screen takes pride of place about the middle of the dashboard.

Through these displays, you’ll control all of the car’s main functions — by changing the radio station to adjusting the temperature of the heated seats. You also get satellite navigation and smartphone mirroring as standard so you can use lots of your favourite navigation and media-streaming programs through the Touareg’s built-in screens. Luckily, VW’s kept hold of a physical quantity control for the stereo.

Slightly less high-tech (but no less fancy) will be the 3 interior Trim packs you may pick from. Atmosphere includes unvarnished wood trims on the dashboard, Elegance versions get some glistening metal inserts and top-spec R-Line automobiles come with aluminium bits and a sportier steering wheel. All versions have leather seats and LED interior mood lighting.

The new Touareg does not just look fancier than the old car — it is Also more functional. Its cabin is longer and wider than in the old car’s and its boot is 113 liters larger at a stonking 810 liter. You may also slide the rear seats forward if you are not carrying any passengers in the back to give its already ample loadbay a bit of a boost.

VW Touareg Under the Hood

When it first goes on the market, the Touareg Will come with two petrol engines — booth 3.0-liter V6s producing 231hp and 286hp. These can be perfect if you do a lot of long motorway journeys, but if you fancy something a bit sportier you are going to be much better off waiting for the 340hp V6 gas — it will also be a bit quieter and smoother than the diesels.

If you do lots of driving around town You Should Think about the plug-in Hybrid version instead. It pairs a standard diesel engine having a small electric motor to help reduce CO2 emissions and increase fuel economy. It’ll produce 367hp — so will likely be plenty quick — but should prove much cheaper to run in the event that you mainly do short journeys. Regrettably, it won’t go available until afterwards in 2019.

2019 VW Touareg Price, Specs and Release Date

At the top of the Touareg Performance tree sits a 421hp V8 diesel. It is going to be quick enough to provide the quick Audi SQ7 a run for its money, but will not be particularly economical to operate. It’ll be excellent for towing heavy trailers, however.

All Touaregs Get four-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic gearbox as standard, along with adaptive air suspension using a smart anti-roll system that’ll stop the vehicle leaning in tight corners.

VW Touareg Price and release date

VW hasn’t announced exactly when the Touareg Will go on the market, but expect it to appear in showrooms before the end of 2018. Entry-level cars will charge from near #50,000 while top-spec Models will set you back a fantastic deal longer.