2019 Toyota RAV4 Price, Specs and Review

2019 Toyota RAV4 Price, Specs and Review

All of the stops have been pulled for the world Introduction of This all-new 2019 Toyota RAV4. The vehicle that created the small sport utility vehicle (SUV) section made its fifth-generation introduction at the 2018 New York International Auto Show.

Through the Years, Toyota has listened To owners and traders and it’s repaid. Over the last five decades, RAV4 volume has doubled, which speaks profoundly to the segment’s attractiveness and growth, and ultimately, RAV4’s popularity. RAV4 currently ranks as the number-one-selling automobile in the Toyota lineup, as well as the best-selling non-pickup-truck in the nation.

No Matter the grade, every RAV4 is a winning option, whether it’s for a city exploration, a weekend visit to the countryside, or even a jaunt on the trails. If it becomes available in the winter at the end of 2018 (with hybrid versions right behind in early 2019), the all-new RAV4 will premiere, yet again, at the forefront – both for the Toyota new and the section.

Toyota RAV4 Exterior and Interior

The RAV4’s striking new design takes inspiration in the current Lexus include bold styling and an imposing front grille. This angular, modern design is guaranteed to help it stand out on the school run.

2019 Toyota RAV4 Price, Specs and Review

Inside gets an update too with ambient lighting and countless Streaks of shiny metal. The infotainment system will be an upgraded version of Toyota’s current Touch two programs with 3D sat-nav mapping, voice recognition, and telephone connectivity.

As is generally the case with brand new cars, the new RAV4 is marginally Bigger than the car it replaces; it’s 10mm wider and 30mm have been added to its body between the front and rear wheels. While this is hardly supersizing, it implies the new version has more interior room and a larger boot.

Toyota RAV4 Under the Hood

A subtle increase in ride height and reduced overhangs will mean the New car will have the ability to tackle more intense off-roading than the old model — though you’ll likely be more enthusiastic about its new, more efficient motors. Toyota is continuing its pursuit to ditch the diesel with just a 2.0-liter petrol along with a 2.5-liter hybrid petrol-electric RAV4 on offer. The latter is very likely to be very cheap to operate, particularly around town where it’ll use only its near-silent electric motor.

Toyota RAV4 price and launch date

Although there are no official figures as yet, you can expect to cover Around £28,000 to get a basic petrol and approximately £30,000 to get a hybrid when That the RAV4 goes on sale in early 2019.