2018 Mazda Kai Concept First Impression

2018 Mazda Kai Concept First Impression

The Mazda Kai Concept compact hatchback heralds a new generation of Mazda cars. Featuring the next-generation SKYACTIV-X gasoline engine, SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture and a more mature expression of the KODO design speech, the design embodies the technology, engineering and design concepts that will define the next generation of Mazda cars. Refinements in every area of dynamic performance have produced a radically quieter, more comfortable ride and an improved performance feel. The Mazda Kai Concept features muscular, strong proportions and its own form bring to life by a delicate stream of reflections over the body sides.

2018 Mazda Kai Concept Exterior and Interior

Mazda has styled the Kai to look futuristic and competitive, but it’s Not a million miles from the design of the existing Mazda 3. The shape is quite similar with the comparatively long bonnet and swooping roof, and it utilizes a larger, deeper version of the smart grille of the current CX-5 SUV. Flared wheel arches and a chunky C-pillar make the car look stylish, but it is uncertain if these will comprise on the production car. This notion rides on 20-inch metal wheels that will probably not be accessible to the new Mazda 3.

Around the back, the Kai performs the Exact Same trick of looking similar To the 3 while still being sporty and modern. It features a huge rear diffuser with 2 rifled exhaust pipes and a heavily sculpted back bumper. As nice as it seems, it’ll be toned down in the name of practicality because the boot gap will almost certainly be larger. The components are almost entirely free of creases and, just like on most concept cars, cameras substitute wing mirrors.

2018 Mazda Kai Concept First Impression

The interior of the Kai concept could indicate how future Mazda Interiors might seem, with very few buttons on the centre console and, rather, a gigantic, almost full-width digital screen showing all the navigation and infotainment info. All the plastics seem like their production-ready, although the steering wheel will almost surely be changed to accommodate cruise and volume controls.

The body appears marginally larger than in the automobile it will change, hinting that the boot and passenger space will be made better.

2018 Mazda Kai Concept Under the Hood

The next Mazda 3 will utilize Mazda’s latest high-tech Skyactiv petrol engine. It functions more like a diesel engine to achieve a 20% increase in fuel economy, while generating more power and smooth, easy acceleration. It’s anticipated that the car is going to be enjoyable to drive because Mazda says it needs the driver to sense in perfect harmony with the car.

2018 Mazda Kai Concept First Impression

2018 Mazda Kai Concept price and release date

After the replacement for your Mazda 3 goes on sale, it’s likely to Cost around the exact same price as the present car at approximately £18,000.. Seeing As the Kai concept looks similar to the 3, we would expect the new automobile to go Available in late 2018 or ancient 2019.