2019 Jaguar J-Pace SUV Price, Specs and Release Date

2019 Jaguar J-Pace SUV Price, Specs and Release Date

It was only last week once we learned about Jaguar’s not closing plans about a new and bigger SUV, and now we have more information to share thanks to a new report coming from Autocar. The British book asserts the J-Pace (name still not supported) will go on sale in 2021 and will be directed from the Porsche Cayenne.

Inspired by the success of the F-Pace, the brand’s most successful model for a long time, Jaguar is poised to establish a flagship SUV to attract wealthy clients, particularly in China. It’ll be dependent on the Land Rover Range Rover, so it will obtain an all-aluminum structure. On the other hand, the general proportions of the automobile will be different — Jag’s car will be longer and somewhat wider, with much more room in the inside, and will sit lower to the ground for greater on-road behavior.

Jaguar J-Pace Interior and Exterior

The new J-Pace will draw inspiration from the present Assortment of Jaguar SUVs, including the all-new electric I-Pace, shown above. Some angular headlights and a high-mounted wide grille should help it appear as sporty as the Cayenne but less aggressive than the Audi Q8.

Also borrowed from the I-Pace should be some contrasting panels Attached to the bumpers and sills. These’ll create the new car look as low-slung as possible — to get a high-riding SUV, at the least. Contrary to other Jaguar SUVs, the J-Pace should come with a comparatively flat roofline (such as the Range Rover) to assist boost rear-seat headroom and bootspace.

2019 Jaguar J-Pace SUV Price, Specs and Release Date

After the J-Pace is disclosed, the cabin should have plenty in common with all the new I-Pace. Three enormous screens will dominate the centre console and dashboard, through which you will control everything in the heated seat settings into the satellite navigation. Hopefully, by the time that the J-Pace goes on sale, this setup will have been tweaked to make it easier to use on the move than at the I-Pace.

Elsewhere in the cabin, you’ll find loads of plush materials, some Supportive chairs and more head and legroom than at almost any existing Jaguar SUV version. The J-Pace’s large size means it will be better for carrying three adults at the back compared to F-Pace and it’ll have a larger boot, also.

No official details have been released, but the J-Pace could come With the choice of an elongated wheelbase. This’ll make it even more spacious in the trunk than the conventional vehicle, and might even include two super-luxurious chairs in the back rather than a traditional three-abreast design.

Jaguar J-Pace Under the Hood

Under the J-Pace’s bonnet will sit a choice of petrol and diesel engines such as those offered in the F-Pace, revealed above. You’ll also Have the Ability to access it with a plug in hybrid, borrowed in the Range Rover Sport PHEV. The most affordable models might be available with a four-cylinder gasoline engine, while faster versions will get V6 units. A 3.0-litre V6 diesel with approximately 300hp will be your very best choice if you do a lot of motorway journeys, while a supercharged V6 petrol will be the car to get if you’re after something sportier.

2019 Jaguar J-Pace SUV Price, Specs and Release Date

Jaguar may also launch a badly fast SVR version with a supercharged V8 gasoline engine from the F-Type sports car. This will create at least 550hp and should help the J-Pace SVR blast from 0-62mph in less than five seconds. All J-Paces will come with an automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive as standard, so they will be capable of handling a cluttered field if you choose to venture off-road.

Jaguar J-Pace cost and launch date

Jaguar is likely to Tease a concept version of the upcoming J-Pace in a motor show before 2020, but the finished car isn’t expected to go on sale till 2021. When It does, get ready to deliver at least £80,000 to park an entry-level Model on your driveway.