2018 BMW M2 Competition Price, Specs and Review

2018 BMW M2 Competition Price, Specs and Review

BMW has revealed a hardcore, even more high-performance variant of the M2 sports car. This limited-edition Competition model produces more energy than the standard car and will quicken from 0-62mph in as few as 4.2 seconds (the standard car will it in 4.5 seconds). It is going to cost from £49,285 as it goes on sale in mid-2018.

2018 BMW M2 Competition Exterior and Interior

At first glance, the new Competition Model does not look radically different to the standard M2. Peek a little closer, however, and you’ll see it has a black grille, as well as a remodelled front bumper with an extended lower lip.

2018 BMW M2 Competition Price, Specs and Review

In the rear, you’ll spot a few more Black pieces, for example, diffuser and the four exhaust tips, while the doors arrive with new mirrors that mimic what you will discover about the larger M3 and M4. To make sure these subtle changes do not go undetected, you also receive Competition badges on the bootlid, grille and wings.

2018 BMW M2 Competition Price, Specs and Review

Inside, the M2 Competition includes Supportive bucket seats with integrated headrests — like in most racing cars — and illuminated M2 logos involving your shoulders. It also comes with a red starter button and you can choose from contrasting orange or blue stitching on the seats.

New buttons on the steering wheel let You quickly switch between the M2 Competition’s Comfort and Sport driving manners and you also get iDrive Professional Navigation system with a wide-screen central display as standard — it’s an option in the standard M2. This intuitive installment is a doddle to use and much less fiddly than what you’ll see in a Mercedes-AMG C63.

2018 BMW M2 Competiton Under the Hood

The M2 Competition’s twin-turbo Six-cylinder engine generates 410hp — that is 40hp over the standard M2. Because of this, it’ll sprint from 0-62mph in as little as 4.2 minutes — providing you decide on the optional eight-speed automatic gearbox, that’s. Go to your manual six-speed’box and you’ll have to make do with a 0-62mph time of’only’ 4.4 minutes.

2018 BMW M2 Competition Price, Specs and Review

Aside from being faster than the Standard M2, the updated Competition model should also be more fun to drive. It comes with carbon-fibre chassis braces (similar to the M4) which make it feel marginally more agile.

The final mechanical changes come in The form of a brand new exhaust using built-in flexible flaps which allow you to decide whether to muffle or amplify the BMW’s raucous engine noise.

The car’s software has also been Upgraded — the electronic stability control system has been tweaked to provide better traction in slippery conditions and also larger tail slides through hard cornering — on a race track, of course.

2018 BMW M2 Competition price and release date

Fancy parking one of the Most desirable M automobiles on your driveway? You’ll Have to set aside from £49,285 as it goes on sale in mid-May — approximately £3,000 more than the standard M2.