2017 BMW M5 Review, Price, Specs and Release Date

2017 BMW M5 Review, Price, Specs and Release Date

The new BMW M5 takes driving dynamics into a new dimension. Making its debut in the sixth generation of the high performance sedan is your brand new M-specific all-wheel-drive system M xDrive. Does this drive system permit the M5 to reach new heights of lively performance, it usually means that it excels in terms of everyday practicality and delivers supreme poise in most driving conditions too.

2017 BMW M5 Exterior and Interior

In conventional BMW M style, the new M5 looks like a routine 5 Series That has spent a couple of months at the gym — it appears mostly the same save for a couple parts which are pumped up compared to the regular model. This is most obvious at the front bumper where the reduced air intakes are now considerably larger than the normal model and are completed in menacing black mesh.

2017 BMW M5 Review, Price, Specs and Release Date

The wheel arches are somewhat flared on the M5 to allow for Fatter tires and a wider space between the wheels to increase grip through corners. In addition, new creases on the bonnet hint in the monster positioned below while the styling line that runs down the sides currently has a fresh vent behind the front wheel with an M5 badge in a nod to previous models.

To reduce overall weight and lower the center of gravity, the roofing is made from lightweight carbon fiber that neatly contrasts the body color. In the back a little bottled spoiler does not exactly shout about the car’s incredible functionality, but the four large exhaust hints that flank a shameful diffuser makes it crystal clear that this isn’t any mid-range 520d.

2017 BMW M5 Review, Price, Specs and Release Date

Considering the standard 5 Series is so plush, there was not much BMW Could do to the cabin to lift it beyond the conventional car. Eagle-eyed readers may notice a few flashes of red that are unique to the M5 including the red engine start button and the red ‘M1’ and ‘M2’ thumb buttons mounted on the steering wheel which allow the driver to select from two personalized vehicle setups.

A redesigned gear selector for the automatic gearbox sits on the Center console also has some fresh performance-focussed switches next to it, allowing the driver to change the steering feel, suspension stability and grip control. There is also carbon fiber trim on the center console and dash to further differentiate the M5 from regular 5 Series models.

2017 BMW M5 Under the Hood

Exact performance details are yet to be confirmed, but we understand the new M5 will utilize an updated version of the old M5’s 4.4-liter turbo V8 engine. This generation sees the engine output signal up to beyond 600hp therefore it could rival the current Mercedes-AMG E63 — meaning a 0-62mph time of about 3.5 seconds appears likely.

Like the past M5, that power will be transmitted to the road through a Seven-speed dual-clutch automated gearbox, but the new version adds an unparalleled switchable all-wheel-drive system. This means that you may set it to power all four wheels for maximum speed and grip through corners, or set it into rear-wheel-drive mode to do tire-shredding drifts.

2017 BMW M5 Review, Price, Specs and Release Date

2017 BMW M5 Price and release date

Having now made its official debut, the new M5 has eventually become Available to purchase soon. It’ll be priced around £80,000 although there’s A chance BMW could introduce both a normal model and a more hardcore Version uses a bit additional electricity and track-friendly performance parts That will push the price closer to £90,000.