Mercedes Benz March 27, 2017

This car which will be produced by the Mercedes in 2017 will be one of the best sedans produced till date. In the fall of summer, 2017 Mercedes S400 Hybrid was revealed at the Auto Show in Chicago. This car has been included in the S series with awesome new technology features, for both exteriors and interiors. This hybrid model of Mercedes holds a crucial position in everyone’s heart. Talking about looks, it has got the best shining body with characteristic features of that of Mercedes. It has a set of big and angular taillights and rectangular ended exhaust pipes which are specially treated with monoxide particles to bear such high smokes. Mercedes will be high in the market after S 400 gets on the road.

2017 Mercedes S400 Hybrid Design Features

Its dashboard is also fully customized which gives a hand to the drivers. Its seats are made up of trimmed leather and critical software technology which adjust its size according to the passenger giving better protection. It also has an adjustable pedal, which provides driver comfort to drive cars and change gears.

The 2017 Mercedes S400 Hybrid is all set to provide the best exterior features that any of the Mercedes cars has ever produced. Anti-lock brakes are also an important part of this car, which provides the best braking technology after Mercedes Q3. If you leave the car outside the parking lot, this car parks itself without any human help.

2017 Mercedes S400 Hybrid Under the Hood

The 2017 Mercedes S400 Hybrid aims to produce the best performance for this car. This engine is featured to run in the seven speed automatic transmission mode. This car also has an automated rechargeable car battery which provides electricity to the whole car.

2017 Mercedes S400 Hybrid Price and Availability

The 2017 Mercedes S400 Hybrid will be available to the customers in September, 2017 and will be priced under $40,000 for normal engine. Whereas, its turbocharged engine costs $10,000 more.

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