BMW March 6, 2017

Motivated greatly by BMW’s light-weight coupes that contended in visiting car racing in the 1970s, the brand-new M3 CSL is a track-seeking road automobile that went from concept to manufacturing vehicle in 18 months. Received concept kind at the 2001 Frankfurt show, the production M3 CSL– which stands for Sports car, Sport, and Lightweight– weighs 243 extra pounds less than a supply M3. That weight reduction was completed partly by using carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFP) for such pieces as the front air dam, the rear diffuser, the roof, and also indoor trim; sheet molding compound (SMC) for the trunk lid; glass-fiber plastics for the through-loading system, back bumper supports, as well as seats; as well as a paper-honeycomb sandwich panel for the luggage area floor.

The third-generation E46 M3 may not have actually been a homologation unique like the original E30-series, yet it had actually turned into a portable, quickly, grippy and capable coupe; powered by a 3.2-litre variation of BMW’s epic naturally-aspirated straight-six.

BMW M3 E46 CSL Interior

The CSL’s inside has actually lost a lot of the M3’s tools but none of its course. Even the generously used carbon fiber trim looks suitable here, and the seats are encouraging as well as surprisingly comfortable despite the lack of adjustable back-rests. As well as the suede-wrapped steering-wheel rim is an especially great touch.

BMW M3 E46 CSL Under on Hood

With the weight down, BMW M designers after that enhanced the power. The M3 CSL’s 3.2-liter inline-six cylinder engine creates 355 horsepower at 7900 rpm and also 273 pound-feet of torque at 4900 rpm. Teamed with BMW’s Consecutive M Gearbox (SMG), which supplies ultra-fast gearshifts in simply 0.08 second, the M3 CSL increases from 0 to 62 mph in simply 4.9 seconds, 0 to 124 mph in 16.8 secs, and a full throttle of 155 mph. Framework refinements were made with the track in mind, as well as consist of a larger front track, modified suspension geometry, particularly made springtimes and also dampers, quicker guiding, bigger front brakes, and also 19-inch light weight aluminum wheels wearing Michelin Pilot Sport Mug tires.

Although the M3 GTS is a little quicker in a straight line than the E46 CSL, the lap times around the Nurburgring are remarkably close. Inning accordance with, the 450 hp GTS is much faster compared to the 360 hp CSL by a plain 2 seconds. 7:50 vs 7:48.

Exactly what the E46 M3 CSL does not have in horsepower over the M3 GTS, it makes up for in sheer driving feel and also balance. Some think about the E46 framework to have actually been the most effective BMW has actually ever constructed, making the CSL one of the best efficiency BMW ever before.

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